Bespoke Corporate Cupcakes: Your Flavored Identity

What can be more thrilling than a corporation boasting a flavor of its own?

Vanilla cupcakery assists in adding taste to your Company by tailoring and supplying best quality corporate cupcakes that don’t just taste fantastic but are also customized to look luxurious, allowing people to have a marvelous taste of your brand in the most unconventional fashion of making cakes as a medium.

What’s the rage about?

Customization is the new ‘it’ in almost every sphere of our lives. From Android phones to our favorite vehicle to the interiors of our homes, customization allows you to mold your stuff into the design of your preference so as to individualize it and make it consistent with your convenience while also giving people an informal insight into your lifestyle.

Through corporate cupcakes, you can totally establish the taste of your brand by giving those marvelously tasting, much-loved cupcakes a slight twist of taste and a savory color that compliment your company’s logo or the event theme or any other specific needs of the client. After all, we at Vanilla cupcakery ensure that our priority are our customers and we swear by the motto by upkeeping the exceptional customer service we offer.

Set a standard, make a statement

Corporate logo cupcakes are the smooth way of adding a tinge of color to the rainbow that your company means to you. What after all can be more smooth than smoothies, butter, and cream to keep those clients coming or those employees up and on their heels for a board meeting or event?

Corporate Cupcakes can be called for:

· At product launches

· Corporate Gifts

· Customer events

· Staff parties

· Client meetings

· Fashion shows

Or simply at Christmas week and call it a day cause we all love Christmas. One impression of your logo on cupcakes leaves a lasting impression of your brand.


Plethora of creams and crumbs

Vanilla cupcakery offers cupcakes in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, taking care of the customer demands and of course whatever’s trending.

· Classic size cupcakes with logo (varying in quantity)

· Petite size cupcakes with logo (varying in quantity)

· Corporate logo cupcake individual box (with and without ribbon)

· Corporate logo cupcake clear cube box (with and without ribbon)

There are various options in terms of flavors in all the aforementioned sizes of cakes to suit the event and desires of the client. Needless to say, with so many choices, one can totally find their perfect story for a day to remember.

Chefs at Vanilla cupcakery blend love with fresh cream to create an art that will being heaven to your taste buds. They ensure that the finest ingredients are used to pamper your senses, baking for you so your brand speaks for itself in colors and creams. Our Supplier Vanilla Cupcakes Sydney specializes in offering delicious corporate cakes that are not only fresh but are delivered on time, in the best condition, making it the number one cupcake shop in Sydney.

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